Thursday, May 12, 2016


The planet is groaning with art, the internet is awash with imagery. Art schools and colleges turn out 30,0000 students with art degrees per year in America alone adding to the untold numbers who preceded them. It is hard you make your voice heard above the constant thrum of look at me, look at me, look at me, look at me, look at me.

Somehow these unpretentious charmers managed to stand out.

 I do not care if they seem weightless or will never be in the Uffizzi or a Bienniale. They are beautifully designed and give me pleasure to look at them.
In a way I am an art snob. I prefer art that is more process than product, art that doesn't look like retouched photographs, art that does not preach or have a message, nor do I feel that a picture's raison d'etre is to tell a story.

I found these on Deviant Art, where they seem to have a lot more fun than most.
"Crown of Peonies" by Thienbao

This is a gouache. The flowers are exquisitely rendered,the color design is impeccable. It is a a sophisticated tetradic color combination, something that is difficult to pull off. Color in my opinion and that of John Singer Sargent's is inborn.

I have seen all too many very,very serious  paintings by well trained atelier students that miss the mark on color. Theinbao nails it.

"Dark Clouds" by Iiosh
A gorgeous design using just blacks and greys with a touch of color


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