Saturday, April 30, 2016


My latest "Wildgarden" 34" x  53"
I was interested in exploring various color schemes- this one is perhaps a tetradic.
I push bits of colored paper, scraps of cloth around until I get what I like.
The backdrop is a painted and colorized etching from William Robinson's book, "The Wild Garden". 
I also have been imbibing the works of the Fauves and the Nabis.
My favorite period of art is the French from Cezanne through Matisse. I think it is one of the most energized and exciting period of art the world has produced.
Also I wanted to work with color as pure as possible without earth tones (except for the skin-tones and hair) and very little black. The blue background is a mixture of Micheal Harding's  Ultramarine and Ultramarine Violet.

This is a fun tool to waste endless hours playing with color combinations.

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