Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Toot Toot!

My own horn.

I am featured in the splendid June/July issue of The Artists Magazine. The last time I was in I was in the over 60 category 5 years ago. I guess they figured they better feature me before I croak.

The author Judith Fairly did a fabulous job making sense out of the gobbledegook of our interview, it really captures how and why I work.There are step by step diagrams of my painting practice. The whole piece was so well done. It includes a broad range of painters from Andrea Kowch  to the charming collages of Marcus Ratliff. I am placed embarrassingly before the article on Degas' monoytypes. The magazine gets a lot of squawks from the "realist" community because it does nor adhere to a strict policy of realists only- thank GOD! It makes for a more interesting magazine than its earlier incarnation before Maureen Bloomfield.  I of course will get billions of copies.

A pretty realistic view of  where I work

A bit tarted up!

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