Friday, February 1, 2013

Jerome Witkin- one amazing painter!

Beautiful, original paintings without the life rendered out of them. I am so thrilled to come across a figurative painter not mired in tedious minutiae so prevalent today. This man uses color, exquiste draughsmanship, haunting and meaningful imagery that makes for a powerful, fearless body of work. He is not afraid to leave the straight-jacket of what is considered fine drawing today- ie- as close to the photographic point of view as possible.. Thank GOD! This man is a painter in the fullest sense of the word, not a goddam renderer. His line work is lyrical- I will be going back to his web-site often for inspiration.


Marie Lamb said...

Thanks for your kind words about Jerome Witkin, who became a friend after I interviewed him in 2011 for WCNY-FM. He also did a portrait of me called "Marie Lamb, The Chatterbox" in 2011-2012 (seen in my Google avatar) and a large drawing of me as well. I'm also admin for a Jerome Witkin fan group on Facebook, "Jerome Witkin is AMAZING" at I don't think I can improve on anything you said, but I do approve and agree!

Sharon Knettell said...


I cannot believe such a fine painter is not better known. The last review he had was in the New York Times in 1986. That is why I slammed two of the most prominent art crits in New York!

Thank-you for your comment and links1. Love the vintage one.