Sunday, February 10, 2013

This and that -the studio in winter.

I am in the middle of a project that I actually started 2 years ago and had to put on hold. The first model I hired who was absolute perfection got pregnant- and although we discussed making it a pregnant nude- we had to abandon it because it appeared she was going to have a very difficult time of it. I did a large pastel in the interim. Then I went again looking for a new model. Worked on it for 7 months doing drawings but it was clear, from my point of view that the model- though a real peach, was far too voluptuous for this project which required a sapling like figure. I hated to let her go her because, she was reliable and had a baby. Then I got lead poisoning and had to quit painting for awhile anyway.

My new model is as Goldilocks would say- is just right. However she does have health issues- so I am just doing drawings for now. I have drawn up a large canvas- but if she is not up to it, it is easy to wipe off.
I will post some new drawings but here are a few shots from my studio today.
Wall of studies
Charcoal on Canvas
Wigs, ruffs, drawings and sunshine

My cabinet full of dolls and stuff

Dolls closeup.

I have more fun stuff in my studio- this is just a glimpse. I love color and have a large closet full of beautiful costumes that I have had made and just found online. I have some gorgeous stuff from Japan- some high quality Gothic Lolita stuff. I don't know why I love that stuff but I do. I just go with it.

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