Saturday, June 18, 2016

Antonio Lopez

Antonio Lopez was born the same year I was. His fashion illustrations appeared in the new York Times Magazine, Vogue and Women's Wear Daily, etc. Like Nicolas Uribe his work sent me into paroxysms of envy. His work was bold, inventive, passionate and sensual. I often wondered just how his beautifully drawn figures, though sometimes almost abstracted were so alive. It turns out that he insisted on live models. This was in the day that most fashion illustrators, including me, used what we called "swipes",  fashion illustrations or photographs that we copied and simply changed the clothes that were drooping on a rack. I thought I was so inventive when I insisted on doing my own photography. Only in one instance, for a few months, an enlightened art director let me draw from live models. I wish I had those drawings.

Antonio Lopez died at a young age from AIDS, during the dark ages of its inception.

Let us hope that the inspiration of Antonio Lopez and Nicolas Uribe, two brilliant Hispanic artists will somehow inject some spirit into the moribund nouveau classical realism worshiped by Fred Ross,The Art Renewal Center and so on. I know I could use a jolt. Fabuloso!

As I post these pictures I can't help but notice just how exuberant, unselfconscious and unpretentious they are.

“Antonio used to say, ‘Don’t waste a minute of your life dreaming of what you want to be,’ ”Ms. ( Model Pat)  Cleveland said. “ ‘Just be it.’ ”


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CaseBot said...

I really adore Antonio's fashion illustrations. Thanks for bringing these to my attention! -Casey

Sharon Knettell said...

I am glad you like them- he was always an inspiration .