Monday, February 16, 2015

Snowed in.

Winter has come with a vengeance the likes of which we haven't see in years in little Rhode Island-pop 1.5 million give or take a few crooks- filling up a mere 1.5 hundred square miles.

Update! My studio ceiling is starting to leak, and I took a half a bucket of water out of my closet this morning from a leak there. The ice dams are murderous, one of them created that giant icicle which caused the leak in my closet. Nothing like moving clothes out and tarps in at 10 PM. This is the first year my husband  has said -Let's pack it in and move to Florida.

Out my studio door. That is not marzipan or a giant quilt
The doll is about a foot high.

A world class icicle. Note the clinging, freezing vultures on the chimney of the yellow Victorian house behind the doll. They flock in droves to that house and our neighbors. The TV crews from the local stations do stories on them from time to time. My neighbor is now trying to sell it- hard when it looks like the Addams family residence.

Death by giant icicle!

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