Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Inspiration in Lavender- Konstantin Somov

Snowed in and my model snowed out I love looking at art and especially work with color. I think the painting "Lay and Pierrot" is a lovely exploration of my color favorites- lavenders and red violets. I think it escaped the fate of a greeting card look. It is just delicious and reminds me of my crocusses now buried under 3 feet of snow. It also is the color way of my next painting.

While looking up some information on Mr. Somov I was struck at the range of this Russian artist -his mastery of many genres- familiar of Diagilev. He eventually moved to Paris. I find his work gorgeous, his draftmanship sensitive and his color nonpareil.
His Wiki-Art page.

"Lady and Pierrot"

"Lady In Blue"   It took him two years to paint her.

Louise M. Morgan
"Sergei Rachmaninoff" Mens portraits can be dull, but Somov's mastery of color elevates this with the simple touch of  deeper periwinkle tie against the lively yellow greens of the foliage.

" His landscapes are subtle and beatifully colored.

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