Wednesday, January 2, 2013

4th Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Drawing- Drawing Discourse

Emerald Maiko study

Well kiss my grits- I am going to Asheville, North Carolina for my birthday, as this drawing had been accepted into that show.
It will be at the
 S. Tucker Cooke Gallery
Owen Hall
University of North Carolina Campus
January 18th-February 5th 2013

Susan Hauptmann was the sole juror. You could knock me over with a feather- I took a look at some of the other works that are featured on the promotional material ( I sniff- am not) and I do not know how in God's green earth I got in.  It seems to be a VERY serious show. I will slink around in the back. HAH!
But amigos- if any of you are in the area come to the opening and talk by La Hauptman on Friday January 18 at 5-6 PM. I will be there to bask in the glory or glares of the more venerated artistes!
There has GOT to be cheese!

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