Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gifts from the Hearts and Hands of America

Many of you who read and love (hate) this blog are people who work with their hands- people who actually make stuff out of air- they take their ideas and a few materials and make something beautiful.

One wonderful and tireless woman Laurie Jean has a beautiful web-site dedicated to the amazing stuff that is made right here! It is 60  PRESENTS IN 60 DAYS MADE IN THE USA. To those of you who are from other countries- look around for the gifts that are made in your home country. I for one am sickened when I pick up countless objects and see that they are made in China. The rush to continually make everything cheaper in low wage markets where the working conditions are criminal has resulted in that tragic garment factory fire in Bangladesh.

Laurie Jean offers a wealth of ideas in every price range so you know your gift is not only given with love, but it is not causing animal or human suffering and bringing a living wage to a family near you. What better Holiday present could there be!

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