Friday, November 16, 2012


This is my brandy new Hughes . This thing is amazing- if nothing gets me back to painting this will.

As Queen Elizabeth the Second said after Diana Princess of Wales death, 2012 has been an Annus Horribilis for me.

In February, my beloved niece died leaving a 4 month old baby. Her husband came home to find her dead on the floor with her baby screaming in the crib. The was little warning except she had been feeling somewhat under the weather. She had just turned 40 and was over the moon after the birth of her first child.

An autopsy revealed a weakening in a coronary artery that split. It was a congenital defect. My whole family is just brokenhearted including my husband who took her flying when I was too chicken to go. She was beautiful and talented and her web design service was really taking off.

Also- a warning to you painters out there- I got really sick from lead-poisoning. Last spring I did not even feel like getting out of bed. Subsequent tests revealed high levels of lead in my body. This can come from scraping canvasses and breathing in the dust as well as really mushing the paint about by hand on the canvas and cleaning my palette.  I became sick from decades of bad practices in handling lead whites and other heavy metal paints. I have had to thoroughly clean out my studio, wash floors, windows  and rip out rugs.

Because my health was poor for so many month I started to look at other social issues that were of concern. There are so many. Artists are really bellwethers, I do believe we a natures sensitives, but I also believe in the power of beauty or why do so many people flock to New England during autumn to watch the breath-taking brillant foliage.

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