Thursday, November 8, 2012


A brilliant Jem fan of mine, Laurie Jean, has responded to my distress over the slaughter of elephants in a most creative and positive way! She has researched great American companies that make beautiful quality products right here at home. Not only that she has pointed them out but filmed and interviewed the companies and their people! This has taken a great deal of time and effort. There are gift ideas in all price ranges and many unusual choices as well.

Take a look at this inventive blog and support these great American companies for the Holidays!

A small note about me. I have taken some time out of painting because of ill health caused by lead poisoning. Yes I use lead white paint extensively and I have to find an alternative or take better precautions when I paint.This unfortunate health event made me more aware of the tremendous suffering on this planet on it's environment, animals and people.

I plan to get back to painting ASAP as I just bought a brand new custom Hughes easel and have- I think some new great ideas cooking. More about that in my next entry- but for now follow Laurie Jean's charming and CHEERFUL blog!

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