Saturday, October 7, 2017


I think I have always been aware of just how imperfect a species we are, not godlike in any way but downright specious and feckless as well. My perception has only worsened  since the election of a cretinous and reckless president.

Is making art a hopeful gesture? I do not want to go into whether or not it is pointless- it is; but therein , I think lies its beauty. I really am a simple artist, I can lose myself in a work that engages me for the flimsiest of reasons. Will workboots work on a figure in a tutu or let's make that orange scream against a cobalt?. It is to enter an arena where you have an illusion of control, unlike the world spinning around you and weaving dangerously close to extinction. My painting is a tiny world I think I can make perfect.

Artists of surpassing genius like Mozart, Velasquez, Michelangelo etc. have worked in eras that far exceed ours in human desperation and horror. I am always perplexed as to why we have so few artists that produce work of sublime beauty but batter away at their canvasses with stale polemics, decade after decade. Is it perhaps because some of us have become aware that we are sliding down the final rabbit hole?

However humanity occasionally surprises me and challenges my increasingly gloomy perception.
Coderch Malavia

Beautiful sculpture:

A Thai Life commercial:

A fawn rescuer:

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