Monday, February 27, 2017

Art to Inspire You in a Dystopian Age.

Shattered by the election of Trump, many American artists are casting feverishly about for appropriate imagery or maybe not imagery, no that's not it, maybe some grip on artistic sanity. no not sanity, maybe  insanity- no perhaps a new anti-ism that has not been done to death or perhaps an old comforting ism in an age of uncertainty or art as nothingness- been done! art as somethingness, yes that's the ticket- no too solid, need something with a void, no it has to be void-less. no that's been done- perhaps post-void-less, or post-anti-transcendentalist or post-objectivist - better post woman objectivist- no too gender specific, no! crackpot art!

 To address these crippling, creative conundrums I have been casting about the internet gathering inspirational imagery that might inspire those who are deeply affected by this truly nasty turn of events,

Ronan the Pug 10" x  24"
Provenance: Trash
Charlie and Sheba 18' x 24" Provenance Boston Thrift Store

Mom and Babe  20" x 30" Trash acquistion
Lucy in the sky with Daisies.
Trash acquisition

"Gilded Nude" The viewer is struck by the youthful female's subject over-sized arm..

Annies Downstairs Secret 18" x 24"

Julian Schnabel-add pretentious title.

The top five images are from that delightful Museum of Bad Art
in the basement of the Somerville theater in Somerville, Mass.

The bottom image is from a fancy schmancy gallery that disposes of Julian Schnabel's art which apparently after being in the art doghouse (where it should remain) is undergoing somewhat of a renaissance. There is no underestimating the power of a new York Art Critic's goobydegook in resurrecting him. .  The cognoscenti would rather DIE that admit that it was a lot of impenetrable bullshit.

In all honesty I find these so refreshing and fun.

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