Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Giddy Aside: Proposing a New Look in Corporate and Government Portraiture

Nothing much has changed in the world of commercial painted portraits since the advent of the camera. Once the artist found out he could make as much money and in a shorter amount of time without being closeted with pompous bores he/she was forced to entertain, he/she ditched live sittings for a photoprint to trace and reproduce in paint, rather like a high end color

This is a year, it seems that more transparency ( just kidding) is being called for in many aspects of public life, banking, speeches to Wall Street, the environmental effects of DuPont's chemical dumping -well you get the gist.

My former portrait agent, a worthy, hardworking and long-suffering ace of a gal suggested I put some of images on her portrait site. Now I would rather contract the bubonic plague than face another suit, I suggested to her that if they would pose in the nude for life paintings, I might consider it.

Some enticing visuals came pouring in. Some paintings ready for a redux  n'est pas?

Hillary Clinton, the Lady from Goldman-Sachs
More transparency here would be appreciated,
but I think I would keep the smile and necklace

This is a bit stiff but maybe if you wrapped some unfortunate intern
around his waist it might be closer to a Gerome slave market painting,
Victorian porn.
Or imagine Bill here instead of a slave girl. Works for me,

Bill, I prefer this more louche version

Justice Antonin Scalia
I think my version would be appropriate for his "methodology of originalsm"
I would add a hunting rifle as he was found dead at a hunting lodge.

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ian warburton said...

Hi Sharon,
I've picked up on the Embellished Skeleton: very interesting and one for me to keep an eye on. Ian.