Monday, February 22, 2016

John Berger “I noticed that when you take a photograph, you stop looking at what you’ve shot. I was more interested in looking. I think I gave my camera away.”


ian warburton said...

Hello Sharon,
I warm to this as, when I am out on solitary walks, there are times when I deliberately leave my camera at home so that looking and looking long is about the image in my minds eye. As to the camera: I doggedly continue to use film so that the gap between taking the photograph and seeing the developed film carries a little shock. Sometimes it is the shock of recognition, sometimes that of seeing something anew. It is more than an aide- memoire and it may be months until looking again at that record of a passing moment it comes to mean something.

Ian, with thanks.

Sharon Knettell said...

Thanks for turning me on to Berger. I could scream that I had not heard of him before. In America we were at that time inundated with the critiques of creepy Clement Greenburg and Henry Geldzahler.

The still small beautiful voices in art like you have been silenced.