Monday, October 20, 2014

Rublev Wax Medium Warning. Reformulated and Unsuitable for Figurative Work in my Opinion.

I have been advising you to use the Rublev Wax Medium- a product I used happily for years.;

I just ordered a new batch- it is- for me and for my purposes unsuitable as it has been- without warning reformulated. I noticed it immediately upon opening the can- it used to come in a plastic jar. The paste was a darkish yellow and it had gritty bumps in it. I thought the bumps would go away when I mixed it with paint- they did not no matter how hard I tried. This was particularly frustrating as my model was due to arrive and I had to throw out a very expensive batch of Micheal Harding's Cremnitz White in Walnut oil. I posted my review on the Natural Pigments website- but they did not put it up. The old wax medium read on its jar- Beeswax and Damar Paste. The new can reads Beeswax and Resin. The can ingredients read naturally bleached beeswax, and pale partially hydrogenated thermoplastic resin in odorless mineral spirits.

 I substituted the Gamblin Cold Wax Medium which is made from naturally white unbleached beeswax and odorless mineral spirits.

Here is an interactive guide from Gamblin on mediums.

If anything I like the Gamblin better- it is softer and blends better.

The Rublev wax paste may be useful for some other purpose- I have no idea what for.


Ugljesa said...

Nice article.

Rublev wax medium is the closest thing to what is, sometimes, used in egg tempera (iconography) but as a varnish, not medium...

I could see its utilisation, as a medium, in many types of "cold wax method" (mimicking true encaustic)...

Sharon Knettell said...