Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Vasari Reds and Violets Sale: September- through October!


If you always wanted to try my favorite Vasari reds- The Cadmium Red Light and The Ruby Red- now is your chance.

Both are so highly pigmented a little goes along way- even for a paint profligate like myself.

The Ruby Red is the best red-violet I have found for reaching those high chroma pinks. It doesn't turn ashen when you add white which is often the case with reds and red violets.

Also- I like the Ruby Violet- not a good Alizarin substitute- the Maimeri Puro 174 is much  better- but if your painting colors lean toward red violets- than this is the best.

I use a Micheal Harding's Cremnitz White with Walnut oil- a more transparent and warmer white.

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