Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What Good is Art? "The Mona Lisa Curse- by Robert Hughes.

I have been an artist most of my life; I have always wondered what the point of it was outside of my own joy and pleasure in doing it. I think this age has made it more difficult as a few wealthy art collectors are sucking the air and life out of it.

I was profoundly moved by the Quilt Show at the Boston Museum, ecstatic work done for love and no money.

This show was really only reviewed in Boston while Kara Walkers execrable "Sugar Baby received 3 reviews in the New York Times alone. By the way the claim that Ms. Walker is controversial is a fiction. It is comprised mainly of two outraged black artists complaining of content and one put-upon black Newark librarian covering up a Walker drawing that included fellatio she considered inappropriate for a public library. The owner of the drawing sent Ms Walker to Newark to' re-educate' the librarian.

I think this is an important video -over an hour but worth every minute. Hughes explains  how the value of art has shifted from its value as something transcendent to a rapidly reproducible commodity to maximize profit. Arts new function is to appreciate whilst sitting on a wall! Not my wall sadly.

Here is a recent New York Times review.on the new new newest- FLIP ART! Get your spray cans ready!

Oh do I miss Robert Hughes.

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