Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Review of George Bushes 'Portraits" on

In a word they are terrible, of course they are.  However the point of my article is not that they are bad but in the context of a degraded art world the two most powerful critics, Jerry Salz of 'the New Yorker and Roberta Smith of the New York Times found them very good ( a show at the Whitney) and good (promising).

These two moronic reviewers, apparently afraid of being caught out and missing some new trendie-lite blowing in the wind, review with breathless prose the most unadulterated crap. I do think that the reason that they are read so avidly is that even the most hopelessly artistically challenged will gain the courage to persist, much like a guy on Karaoke night after a six-pack will think he's Sinatra. I swear this duo is blinder than two moles kissing.

Here is an art gallery of the artists they think are the bomb.

Fransisco Clemente's howler of a portrait of Jerry Hall

Fransisco Clemente selfie

Nick Payne deemed up and coming by Roberta Smith

More Nick Payne
Elizabeth Peyton sells her paintings for a million each at The Gagosian Gallery.
Some more on La Roberta's take on why Bush is right up there with the biggies.

For many these works might qualify as outsider art; they give every indication of having been made by a self-taught artist. But so do many paintings shown in the insider art world of today. These works make you wonder if Bush is familiar with Jasper Johns’s “Seasons,” where each of the four paintings is shadowed by a male, seemingly unclothed silhouette, or Pierre Bonnard’s strangely chaste, luminous paintings of his wife reclining in a bathtub. And one can imagine them being not too out of place in a group show that might include the figurative work of Dana Schutz, Karen Kilimnik, Alice Neel, Christoph Ruckhaberle and Sarah McEneaney. It’s possible that we might see more of W’s art. After all, if Larry Gagosian can put the stuff Bob Dylan currently churns out before the public, someone could certainly show these.

Karewn Kilimik  Do you know who this is? Will you care in ten years?

And I have only seen one grudging and partly negative review many years ago in the New York times of this artist.

Steven Assael's " Preperation of the Bride"

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