Tuesday, September 3, 2013

JemCon 2013 Portland Maine Jem portrait contest!

Hi Jem fans-

I will be looking forward too seeing all of you in Portland Maine. I also will looking forward to picking the NEXT contest winner of a 16"x 20" pastel portrait by moi of the lucky winner of the drawing to benefit thewww.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/ 
Each entry is $20 US, you must be there to win.   The portrait will be in the 
Jem style of the winner in an appropriate Jem inspired costume
pink- haired, green-haired- whatever floats your boat!

25,000 elephants were slaughtered in 2011 for their ivory to feed
 the Chinese market for bogus therapeutic medicines for 'virilty' and 
other imagined ailments.

I would have posted this earlier but I have been close to 
 bedridden for a month with plantar fasciitis in both feet and self-pity. 
I have had them both elevated, therapized, massaged
and extracorporeal shock waved.
I seem to be turning a corner today-
but to be sure I am going to see another doctor.

Here is the info:


ian warburton said...

Sorry to hear that Sharon. I hope you recover soon. Ian

Sharon Knettell said...

I see from your studio pics you work on your feet as well. This has been a drag!

I have been marinating myself in Manet of late- I see a great deal of his work is at the Musee D'Orsay- is is worth the trip????

Sharon Knettell said...

by the by- I hope the show went well.

You had some lovely pieces to put in it.

Ty said...

Hope you are feeling better, Sharon! We promise to take extra good care of you in Maine! Thanks again for joining us! We can't wait to see you!

- TJ & the JemCon Staff!

ian warburton said...

Musee D'Orsay? Yes to that.
Show? Lots of visitors, four sold, one lady taking work to a gallery in Toronto to see if they might be interested. We will see. Are you on the mend seeing as you are going to make a trip?

Sharon Knettell said...

Limping and gimping!

Years ago I did some illustrations for Jem (Hasbro Rock doll)packages. They were a big hit. Years later all those kids have grown up and still love Jem and have started conferences. This group has gone out of its way to accommodate me and help me raise money to help save elephants.

I am dying to get to the D'Orsay to see the Manet's.

Great news on the sales! Toronto- the Canadians are quite a sophisticated culture with a lot of moolah buried under the snow.