Monday, April 29, 2013

Zinaida Serebriakova 1884-1967

Soviet Ukrainian painter.  This woman was able somehow to continue to paint during the onset of the Russian revolution. However she had to leave some of her children behind and go to France. I was looking at nude paintings for inspiration and her paintings kept leaping out at me; rare considering the visual overload on the internet. There are more paintings by her on the internet- one more beautiful than the next. The woman could paint and with power.

Here is a biography of that remarkable woman.

"At the Dressing Table" 1909

"Reclining Nude" 1935

"Reclining Nude" 1930

"Young Morrocan" in pastel 1928

Here is another article on Soviet Women painters.


Meabh Warburton said...

Good Morning Sharon. Following your thoughts on portraiture led me to think of asking you if you knew of the Ruth Borchard collection of artist's self portraits? There is a book by Philip Vann Face to Face, available through Amazon. Now there is a competition in her name too. regards (and fingers crossed for the model), Ian Warburton.

Sharon Knettell said...

Good Luck with your entry- I hope the judges have agood eye. Send me a pic.

I am about as welcome as a skunk at a picnic in portraiture circles after that article. American portraiture is about getting paid and doing the best representation of the photographic image the client chooses from your laptop.
The photographic reality is worshipped here.

The Borchard collection is fascinating. These are all direct perceptions- not done to appease a client. The styles are wonderfully varied. They are not mimicking the camera but what the painter wants to say about what he sees. The women were quite unsparing of themselves- though I suspect some of them are more attractive than they portray themselves. Loved the Jeane Cook, the Lucinda MacKay and Anna Redpath. Some other good surprises (among the many)were of course the Uglo- my hero- David Tindle and Weigh.

Thank-you for this as I am doing mental cartwheels as how to present the human form in a fresh way. I almost wonder if I can do it.

Meabh Warburton said...

Welcome as a skunk? yes I can bet on that. I'm glad you warmed to the Ruth Borchard collection because it gives me a lot of support. Oh, I'm not entering by the way I think I've a long way to go before I stick my neck out that far. regards, Ian.

Sharon Knettell said...

Ok you two- Meabh does tapestry and Ian , I believe does abstract landscapes and self portraits.

I am getting confused-(normal) but when Meabh starts the reply- it seems Ian finishes it. I presume you are related in some way? No?

The picture is Meabh but the reply is again Ian. Unless Ian is a girl and Meabh is a boy? No?

Meabh Warburton said...

Yep you can put this down to me not being able to decide who I am I suppose Sharon. I could remove the photo if only I knew how. Anyway I am he and she is she sorry for the confusion. Ian.

Sharon Knettell said...

I don't blame you for leaving her up- she is very attractive.

I remember following a blog briefly and deciding later I neither liked the person nor her art. Unfortutunately was quite an indefatigable blogger to boot. Well the feeds kept coming in and I couldn't get rid of her. It took my husband's 21 year old great niece, born into the internet age as it were- to rid my self of her.

By the by Camille Paglia has declared the Avante-Garde dead and art has lost it's meaning because it is not tethered to sprituality. Hmmmm-

I don't think really good artists are covered in the news outlets, just the ones who make the most noise and the shark picklers.

Have a good one,