Sunday, April 28, 2013

Facebook and me

I was on Facebook less than one week. I am a distracted person on the best of days and Facebook was like a drug. I saw people at parties, playing with dogs, hugging their friends, showing off their plates at restaurants ad naseum. Did I know any of  these people? No!

It is like a rathole going from one 'friend'  to another 'friend' to see if maybe that 'friend' was a more interesting 'friend' that you could cozy up to and yes... godammit 'friend'.

So I am off Facebook.


Ty said...

I wondered where you went! But I hear ya! I pretty much hate Facebook too and am mostly just using it as another outlet to get my artwork out there to the world. I could care less what people had for breakfast, unless they are sharing their pancakes with me! :) Perhaps you'll give it another try, and just ignore a lot of the nonsense stuff. If not, the world will have to deal with the fact that there are people who don't find FB to be an end-all, be-all part of life.

Thanks for being such an inspiration, Sharon!

- Milky Mixer

Sharon Knettell said...

Milky I am always here and I am now logged on to meet-up!

Are you going to JemCon? I am!

Ty said...

Shhhh, we haven't officially announced you're coming yet, LOL! And yes, I will be there! I'm on the staff along with Allie, Sean, and Maria. And Laurie Jean is one of my pals, too!

I know the Jem stuff was probably just a blip in an amazing career for you, but your work captured so many imaginations and has meant so much to thousands of people. All these years later, it's very much a touchstone! So get ready, because you really are going to get the "rock star" treatment (pun intended!!) with a whole crew of really nice, really polite, really passionate fans!!

- Milky Mixer

Sharon Knettell said...


The 'blip" let me buy a house!

I really loved doing Jem- those zany costume.Lady Gaga had not even been born. There were absolutely no role models. I am beginning to think Lady Gaga stole from us!

Ty said...

Lady Gaga stole from everyone, LOL!

And it's official! You are announced as of this morning - the first official special guest of JemCon 2013 - and the Jem fans are super excited! We also informed them about your charity raffle, and everyone is dreaming up which character they'd like to see themselves as if they win... So I expect the elephants will be very happy too!

Thank you again for agreeing to come and wanting to come, Sharon! You are a legend to so many of us! I'm really honored that you're doing this! It's going to be such an awesome weekend in Portland! So excited!!

- Milky

Sharon Knettell said...

Hj Ty,

I looked and could not find the link. What Great fun!

Ty said...

We made the announcement in a monthly chat we had this morning, so the news is out to all who attended the chat! A more formal announcement should be up on the JemCon website soon! We are so excited!!

- Ty / Milky Mixer (I have 2 identities just like Jem!)