Saturday, March 16, 2013

Beware Artist Scammers!

Recently an attempt was made to scam me by a person calling herself  'Lisa Walcott'. She asked after two pictures- one of which was sold. I gave her a price which she accepted with amazing alacrity. Clever scammer that she was she asked what my point of view was about my art. She allowed that she was busy- was moving to new digs and had to go to her sister's wedding in Bermuda- but the $1200 check would be forthcoming. Her husbands PA would be sending it and would be arranging for 'cartage'. The word cartage alerted me to a probable scammer as I have dealt with selling stuff on Craigslist- and they use terms like my personal 'cartage' company-my husbands or my secretary will deal with this as I am too busy.

However my heart did give a little leap and I did wait for the check. She kept emailing me just about every day  to see if  it had arrived. It became annoying as it went on for 2 weeks. Finally I rechecked the $2,700,000 mansion address she gave me and found that it was still on the market and not at all her house.

I finally emailed her and told her that the check had arrived, that I would be sending her the drawing. She emailed me back and said- oh I am sorry but my husband was confused and he sent you a check for $3000. Could I deposit this check and refund the rest.

This is classic- they send you a check- a bogus check- they can even fake certified checks and before the check bounces you have sent them money-plus you have another fee from the bank.

I told her that I checked with the bank to see if the check had sufficient funds and it did not. (there was no check- they probably got their scams confused). I said that the address must be wrong as the house they said was theirs was still for sale. I also said that if they liked my picture they could copy it off my site.

So beware! Here is a site devoted to educating artists about art scammers.

Artists are ideal victims- often living precariously off little income and less recognition. Once, many years ago, I found a catfood coupon fluttering in the grass. I ran after it- both my cat and I ate that day. My cat would have eaten first in any case.

But I do want to add that I HAVE SOLD work off my site- so I would suggest politeness at first- but alway ask your bank if the check is valid.

Also to those of you who want off my site- I hope you find a way. I tried to get off a site on blogger and it is impossible. One Google blogger person I called wanted $200- another $120.

So I apologize if any of you are stuck with stuff you hate or find annoying.

But SPRING is near my dears!!!!


Meabh Warburton said...

Dear Sharon, `it is not often that a blog makes me laugh out loud but I remember well watching dinner bounce from the back of a truck years ago: unfortunately my cats didn't care for turnip soup.

Thank you for your note re:66. As you will know, one works away in (in my case my shed) and sees no one. Therefore we have no cause for regret. But to receive such a generous encouragement has made me a happy fellow and will bolster me against the frequent moments of uncertainty. Thank you again. Ian W.

Meabh Warburton said...

P.s Meabh is the beautiful one: being a lot younger brings its own rewards. Ian.