Thursday, December 8, 2011

Born-Again Life Painter

I am now 68. I did not discover the joys in painting from life until later in life- in fact I only started dabbling in painting again it about 30 years ago and really have gone full bore only in the last 12 . I experimented with a combination before that- painting combinations from life and photographs. I would get nervous if I started a large painting using expensive costumes- only to have my model split before I was finished. However the photographs looked so dull next to the model and I could never reconcile the drawing between them- no matter how carefully I took the pictures. The eye and the camera see differently. Now I only use a camera for photographing the finished work. In a word- I became an ADDICT! There is an describable richness to the experience, the difference between a fine wine and Ripple.

I thought I had an image to protect of this really expert draftswoman, she of perfectly rendered and painted pieces-but I was so bored- licking stamps seemed more exciting.

So if anyone is worried that they are too old or it is impossible- unless you are in a nursing home you can always make a belated stab at it.

However today- I am done in. I was hauling around a 50lb painting yesterday. I am not Georgia O'Keefe who in her dotage had a buff studio assistant name Juan to help her. Next year!

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