Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vanessa Finito 44" X 30"

Sort of. I can see some spots I do not care for which I have just touched up. They always show up when you post.Photographing work has been tough lately- even for pastels as we have had nothing but rain, rain, rain. My model is dying to go to the beach- think tan lines- which I will have to work around- but fortunately the weather has been lousy for that. We are known (RI) as the Ocean State and have a whole Jersey Shore thing going here- with the accents, hair gel, whatever.This was done on a sheet of Pastell Deluxe Ultramarine which I got from New York central Art. Best place do get paper on the planet.The background blue is the most intense blue I could find that was toward the violet spectrum. It was #520 from the Mount Vision pastel Company. Gorgeous.I use primarily Great American Pastels, Unisons, Schminkes, Mt Visions and Senneliers. The Great Americans are my favorite for skin tones.


Karen Martin Sampson said...

Thanks for the info on various pastels and papers. I am in the midst of finding some new pastel venues to try so just spent an hour online checking out your suggestions and have ordered a catalog from NY Art Supply. Looking forward to seeing some new work from you.

Sharon Knettell said...


I like

They are really professional and they can be quite competitive price wise.

If I had to buy one set of pastels it would be the Great Americans.

If you are going to buy whole sets- shop around but if you need individual refills Jerry's will drive you up a wall.